Zeros and Ones and Gray — 2 Comments

  1. Really, this is more about personal perception than anything else. And that will be shaped by your personal experience, past relationships and so on. I believe exactly the contrary happens. As things like religion and tradition lose their grip fast on our everyday lives (I live in Europe), we find an increasing number of “shades of gray”. You might as well say that these shades were always there, although their differences were somewhat subdued by interpretations based on social acceptance and tradition. And they’ll still be there even if we reduce the vocabulary we use to describe them. Not every man and woman who’s married would define marriage the same way. Even if they happen to be married with one another.
    Those are my 5cents.

  2. I suspect that there are many people out there who are uncomfortable with these sorts of “grey shades”, whether relating to marriage or any other topic. These are likely the ones to resist any changes that blur the boundaries of traditionally defined categories. While I find these new possibilities interesting, these other might find them very threatening.

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