Wise Livelihood in a Life-Alienating System — 3 Comments

  1. or, if romney wins, what will the left sympathizers do……perhaps toss out nonviolent principles and also resort to frustration-derived violence…..if not its opposite……total despair and non-action.

    this, to express what i see as the scope of our challenge……and so your quest, so important, to dismantle this decaying system, is shared but also feared for its enormity……so thanks again for keeping the truth and the higher values at the forefront of your messages. it stimulates others to open those paths of being……

  2. there’s also the additionally frustrating knowledge that we DON’T ever know for sure what the outcome will ultimately be, of most of our decisions and actions.

    as i wait, along with millions, for the election results, i struggle with guesses of how each outcome possibility could pan out……and i fear that, if obama wins, that increasingly militant and deluded extremist right, along with religious and racist zealots might begin some desperate actions of violence borne in disappointment and their own frustration

  3. i hope you see what a monumental goal you have taken on here, precisely because of the scope and tragedy of the present situation which you describe strongly and clearly: ‘life-alenating system’ !!
    ……in that, i and many others feel the same longing and calling, and live in similar struggle and frustration.

    here’s where ‘baby steps’ are very wise, as well, and reality check, mostly along with sharing these longings and deliberations with us and others, esp. others who can directly grieve with you for common pain

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