Winter Practice Period — 7 Comments

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    • Yes, it’s definitely Buddhist based because that’s the lineage of the Center (as far as i know… i am not that involved there other than with this program).

      (and i fixed the macron in Pāramitā…)

  2. wow …that sounds like one major set of many-dimentioned commitments……..some of it reminds me of miki kashtan’s list of ‘commitments’.

    it also sounds like there’s a community participating that could be supportive for the challenging, discouraging moments.

    does this include in-person gatherings in your area? that could be a great help.

    i hope you can share some of your experiences during and/or after the experiences.

    your links here are great. especially the belly-dancer’s site…….makes me yearn to do some myself….and sad that i can’1`1t

    • Well, we’re encouraged to pick one to focus on primarily during this period (the “domino virtue”). Since they’re all interrelated choosing one will help with the others and things won’t be overwhelming…

      There are some optional things to do in East Bay, though i am not sure how tied in they are with the 27-day period…

      And, yes, i’ll share! πŸ™‚

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