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  1. One should not grieve the election of a new president before he knows what that president has done for the people.
    We seem to over analyze the past behaviors and project them into a future colored by our own personal fears and prejudice.
    Did HRC do a good job? Obviously not, and evidence is abundant. Does DJT behaves like an alpha male? Obviously yes, and that may get us into trouble.
    In my opinion, the elections were not about patriarchy, but about removing a corrupt institution that uses the people as a resource, rather than serving them.
    This also explains why the older folks chose nationalism. They were seeing their values diminished in favor of so-called “fresh views” that are actually just a new form of mass control.
    I don’t care if the POTUS is male or female. At these levels, higher interests are pulling the strings.
    we can’t really know what is going to happen, so let’s hope things are going to get better..

    • Although I agree that it is important to wait to evaluate a president (or any other person for that matter) until they actually act in their new role, I have seen nothing that indicates that Trump will be a normal president. He is surrounding himself with people who are at best incompetent and at worst science-deniers, if not deniers of reality.

      Your claim that this election was about “removing a corrupt institution” does not even make sense unless you think the United States will be dismantled now. And if you think the previous administration was corrupt, you haven’t seen corruption yet. People (maybe people like you?) have swallowed the populist message without looking at the actual evidence of who is part of the new regime or at who Trump is as a person (and, yes, just like the stock market, we can look at past behavior to predict future behavior; to think that someone’s behavior changes dramatically is naive at best).

      The evidence is pretty clear that this election was mostly about sexism and racism, which you actually also admit to when you berate the “fresh views,” which have been falsely portrait as “forms of mass control” by exactly the same people who are now in power.

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