Whatever happened to the radical in feminism? — 2 Comments

  1. “I feel like feminism has pretty much failed single women.” Yes! I feel the same way! I’d like to add that feminism seems to advocate for white, middle class women – despite a great speech Angela Davis gave at a women’s studies convention. Also, I don’t like the way we are now expected to be more like men – rather than asking men and women to work less and do other things more, women are now expected to pile on a full-time job…

  2. Personally, I’m not anti-marriage (I’m anti-legalized discrimination against singles), but Steinem’s statement disappoints me, too. Of all the things she could wish for, why on earth would she wish that more people would be able to get married?

    “How about wishing that our society equally values every relationship that we as human beings value?”

    Exactly! It seems like third wave feminism has been watered down into a shrug of the shoulders and a PC statement that women should be able to live their lives however they choose. Well, yes, we should all be able to live our lives as we choose, but that doesn’t mean we should stop examining whether some choices might be better than others.

    I feel like feminism has pretty much failed single women. It mostly advocates for married mothers and work-family balance instead of work-life balance and forgets that almost half of women don’t fit that model.

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