What Needs to be Done? — 3 Comments

    • Thanks, Ian! I’ll check it out! I am curious, though, what makes you think that i am advocating personal change? Maybe it wasn’t as clear in the above, though i’ve pointed out elsewhere that both personal and social/structural/cultural change is required (see also my review of the Green Festival). The two are interconnected, though, for example if everyone were to start growing their own food, agrobusiness wouldn’t be much longer… So, i think it depends on the personal change – if we take the old adage “the personal is political” seriously, the personal change can very well be political. However if we think that personal change means we just need to start thinking positive, then we’re screwed.

      (And i am working on a piece on hope…)

    • I added a link to Jensen’s article and this sentence: “Changing the system at its core rather than making small personal changes that ultimately ignore the larger systemic picture.” 🙂 Thanks for pointing out that i didn’t make this as obvious as it needs to be! And, yet, this actually makes the not knowing stronger: How the heck do you change a system?!? Or to use Jensen’s words: How do we implement the third option?

      The third option, acting decisively to stop the industrial economy, is very scary for a number of reasons, including but not restricted to the fact that we’d lose some of the luxuries (like electricity) to which we’ve grown accustomed, and the fact that those in power might try to kill us if we seriously impede their ability to exploit the world—none of which alters the fact that it’s a better option than a dead planet. Any option is a better option than a dead planet.

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