What is “community” anyways? — 3 Comments

  1. There’s also the question of whether we’re talking about a physical community or not. In northern Virginia, where I live, it’s hard to have that because 1) friends are so spread out and traffic so bad it is an expedition to get anywhere, meaning you can’t just drop by spontaneously and 2) neighbors pass each other on the sidewalk and don’t even wave and say good morning (seriously, this happens a LOT—I don’t know most of my neighbors, but I try to smile and greet everyone I see out in the neighborhood; however if I don’t make the move first then more often than not they just walk by like I’m a ghost).


  2. Wahoo! I got honourable mention in this post! 🙂 Since you mentioned that you’re looking for a community that would ideally share a living space, I wondered if you’ve seen this website: It’s all about intentional communities around the world. Perhaps you could find a community to join or at least get some tips about starting one. Good luck, Rachel!! 🙂

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