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  1. also, i looked up ‘intersectionality’, and, though complex to analyze, is actually central to modern globalism, as well as to ‘nationalism’…..i’ve had friends that shared my feminist values, yet experienced being female in their very different social backgrounds very differently than i.

    amazingly, at times of our disagreements, those cultural differences (socio-ethnic-religious) became the hardest points to heal…..and even caused permanent separation……..

    so, the challenge there is massive, and the work of improved connecting is extensive….. it’s good that you help us acknowledge and remember that….

  2. ah, i miss the world of real ‘primitive’ and ‘isolated’ tribes where there was true, healthy symbiosis……….they were isolated from the overwhelming vastness of the ‘globe’, but connected, constantly with all the other tribe members……and in many basics, like eating, sleeping nd work, they knew no boundaries and separation among them. every morsel of food gained was automatically shared with all……which created deep, meaningful connection, trust, and love……the real kind that makes even a small meal into a big celebration……

  3. Rachel, I think this is a fantastic idea. I’d love to see it spread around, and will share it with my friends.

    Solidarity, to me, means simply showing up for one another’s struggles. It does not have to be equated with minimizing the differences between us or not recognizing the real power imbalances that exist across class, race, etc. So to me the question is, how can we show up for each other? How can we expand our small idea of who we are to encompass many more?

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