What discrimination are we fighting? — 3 Comments

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  2. Thanks, Christina! The second bullet covers some of the idea you suggest but I am struggling with that. I have trouble with allowing people to just roll over the social security benefits to someone (including a widow, of course!). I think these benefits should go to the person who paid in and when they die, the left over money goes back into the pot to pay for cost-overruns. But what about the woman who never worked and took care of her husband? That’s when I get stuck and realize that some sort of benefit is needed. Maybe stepping back some, the real need here is a minimum income that everybody is guarantee, maybe over a certain age or something like that. And then I realize that this requires a whole different way of thinking about these things…

    I think there is some middle ground between CSD and RSD that is fair to all.

  3. Well done, Rachel–I agree that it would be a good idea to have some specific examples to fall back on when we advocate removing the privileges from marriage. It’s easy to see that matrimania is stupid, but hard to imagine life without it!

    I do want to talk about “We fight Relationship Status Discrimination by preventing that any relationships carry special benefits.” What about allowing anyone to choose another person who can receive their social security or make medical decisions for them (as Colorado recently decreed)? That would be a special benefit relationships carry. The difference would be that the individual can *choose* which of their relationships carries those special benefits. I think this might be a better solution than denying all relationships any benefits.

    I like your CSD, MSD, RSD terms.

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