Week 3: June 11 – Women’s Rights and Regulators — 2 Comments

  1. Very good insights on why the Religious Wrong views women’s rights and our equality this threatening. Sounds to me as if some of that is simply jealousy: If I can’t do it, nobody can!

  2. “Resheff argues that any person who switched jobs – without any additional eduction – from a non-finance to a finance job would receive the premium. But that is where the other reason for the inefficient market lies: There are big barriers to entry. Wall Street hires only from Ivy League colleges, supposedly the best and the brightest. So regular folks like us can’t get in. And why could the salaries get this high? Little regulation.”

    YES! Trust me, it does NOT take a rocket scientist to do what those guys do. Some brains, yes. Einstein, no. The Wall Street system is designed to keep all the money in the hands of the few, often those who could afford to go to the same pricey, elite universities their parents went to.

    “Why women with rights are so threatening Goldberg didn’t explain – at least not in the interview.”

    I think women’s rights have traditionally been threatening to the “Religious Wrong”–ha!–because patriarchal domination of women goes hand in hand with certain conservative religious beliefs. Bible believers who interpret the Bible to say that men should “rule over” women are very attached to that belief. Like any other group in power, Christian fundamentalist men resist giving it up.

    On top of that, though, pregnancy is a direct result of sex, and sex is something that makes a lot of Christians very uncomfortable. Even those who see women as equals often view sex outside of marriage as sin, and abortion is viewed as a “birth control” method used primarily outside of marriage. My belief is that because many conservative Christians feel very constrained about what they can and can’t do sexually, they reserve a special bitterness for those who are indulging in the very pursuits they would like to participate in but can’t because of their rigid beliefs. I think that’s why Christians tend to elevate sexual sin above all other sins and hence why they persecute pro-choice proponents as much as they do.

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