U.S. Fertile Ground for Irrational Thinking? — 4 Comments

  1. I wish I could link to it, Ken! Unfortunately, I have not found a transcript nor a video clip online (yet)… I did email CFI to find out if they transcribed it. I’ll you posted!

  2. Can you give a direct link to the Bilgrami interview, Rachel. It sounds interesting.

    I have heard suggestions that the US situation is also tied up with the specific separation of Church & State. Also, with the lower level of social support (security) in the US (Mathew Chapman’s talk at the AAI convention – Darwin descendent at AAI Convention). Michael Ruse Video1 Video2) also has an interesting lecture on the evolution of religious attitudes towards science and evolution. He suggests the specific US situation is a remnant of the civil war.

  3. The Humanist Perspective is a fascinating show. Probably the best offering on public access after NASA TV. And the fact that it’s usually sandwiched in between hyper-religious programming makes for a deliciously sharp relief. This page has information on what cities air the program, if you want to see more than the limited selections in your link, but nothing on which channels to watch:

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