Unhappily Single? — 5 Comments

  1. Chuckle. I am actually working on it – not a workshop per se but I am laying the ground work for some consciousness raising groups.

    I think you’re simply a human being! We all are unhappy sometimes… The key is not to blame our singleness for it, i.e., to avoid causation. Being single doesn’t make us unhappy (nor happy!). Our attitudes about life do… (And, I suppose, we could argue that we cannot experience happiness unless we know unhappiness.)

  2. I second Singletude’s comment! Rachel needs to start her own workshop! Get on that bulletin board! I’m not going to lie–I have some unhappiness in my life. So does that mean I’m an unhappy single? Or a single who happens to be unhappy (sometimes)? I guess “unhappily single” has a different connotation from “unhappy and single”. The former implies more causation. Therefore the ad title was pretty accurate, even if the workshop concept was stupid.

  3. I had a similar reaction when I got a notice of a new meetup. The title was: Done with Dating and I thought, cool! I’m going to be able to meet more happily single people. And then I read the rest of it: From Single to Marriage. Um, no, thanks!

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