Two Views of the Universe — 2 Comments

  1. I recently attended a book talk by Gary Marcus about his new book Kluge. Kluge is an engineering term for something that is put together for functionality but doesn’t (necessarily) look pretty or does what it does in the most efficient way. Marcus argues that this is a good description of our mind… Most evolved things seem to fall in this category: The human eye works well enough for what it is used but it could certainly be better (if it had been designed…).

  2. Reminds me some of the older fiction books I read. Magic the characters found impressive, but technology- that stuff always worked! Why you just put it to your eyes and far away jumps near by…

    Sometimes (and this is one of the cases) the mundane explanations are better than the fantastic. All the neat stuff we see are emergent properties of the basic nature of reality. Apparently it tends towards self organized patterns- stars, galaxies, planets and, of course life.

    The alternative is to say it was put together like a tinker toy kit.

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