Earth Day Triplets! — 1 Comment

  1. when i look a bit more closely at the ‘enemy camp’-(politicians, business and bank moguls and wannabees)- i sense their unrelenting insistence on their way, and the power of their win-at-all-costs approach……i sense how brutal the fight is getting to block and stop them.

    that makes me realize how hard and long the struggle is, and that i’m not built for that kind of action, at least, at this point, maybe never……it then becomes clearer to me that the action toward saving humanity that i can do reasonably well is in much less dramatic and more low-keyed arenas.

    i somehow like focusing on small, close-knit groups, or one-on-one connections for healing….and only there do i feel i can make a difference, though not guaranteed…..that’s also not a stable arena, yet i gravitate to that modality and begin to trust it’s there i can do my best (giving and getting personal support and honest companionship).

    when those connections stumble i suffer and despair, but then i return naturally and instinctively to this ‘chosen’ arena…..and i know it’s the best possible way now…..

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