Tools for Breaking the Rules — 3 Comments

  1. western culture shames us for violent expressions, but then builds and drops mega-bombs on symbolic-yet-living ‘others’. today’s reality plays out how killing others is ultimately killing ourselves…we are all really all ONE….

  2. self-judgment really IS that powerful, isn’t it?! ram dass emphasizes the ‘one-ness’ of all of us: what we feel towards ourselves reflects what w feel toward others, and v.v….trying to make sense out of the horrible violence playing out in israel-gaza, i can see each side’s self-hatred showing up as other-hatred. i believe all these kinds of violence come out of the frustration of not having support and acceptance anywhere to express frustrations and anger SAFELY…meaning directed at a symbol yet physically done, like beating a pillow, while being supported by loving witnesses. the absolute dualism our culture confuses us with about violence brings to life the horrors of crime and war which inevitably lead to self destruction. instead, why not admit and accept humans’ violent response to pain while lovingly directing it out safely, to free up the world for TRULY FREE LOVE !

    • Yes! I noticed that on the “small scale,” too, as i caught myself judging others who displayed trades i’d like to have (like having the self-confidence to dance by myself on a dance floor). And tying this back to the large scale conflict in Gaza reminds me again that the personal is political (unless we forget the larger implications!).

      And your comment reminded me of something someone pointed out on Facebook: If we don’t stop war, war will stop us!

      (I’ve combined your comments into one…)

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