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  1. Hi Rachel – I am a never-married, childfree heterosexual 53 year old woman who lives a very happy and satisfying life. I have not made a choice to remain single forever, but I did make a choice not to marry for the wrong reasons or to settle for someone just so I could be married. I have not given up on men, love or relationships but I have chosen to enjoy my freedom and to fully live my life by buying my own home, traveling and enjoying life with my family, friends and community.

    I am currently doing research for my graduate degree in Communications and I chose to research what women are saying (writing) about their lives and experiences who fit the same criteria as I (although, I also include women in their 40s as well). I am interested to read about their perceptions of their single life and what they believe are the positives & negatives.
    This group of women is becoming a fast-growing population in the U.S. so I believe it makes sense to learn what this means in terms of change-shifting cultural narratives.

    We need to have our VOICES heard and I would be very grateful to hear back from you as well as your readers so I can obtain current (anonymous) information on what we are thinking, feeling and saying. Thank you. I really enjoy your “musings!”

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Elaine! You might want to check out, if you haven’t already, Bella DePaulo’s work. She has done considerable research into what singles think. You can find more about her work on her website.

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