To Leave or Not to Leave — 3 Comments

  1. this is part of our daily struggle now as people trying to heal a very sick system……….and, for me, whatever each of us decides, sharing the struggle and supporting one another’s efforts are basic and powerful ways to engage……..

    i commend your actions AND your sharing your doubts and struggles. it helps deepen our human connection.

    • I would find it more helpful if you could comment on things i raise in the post rather than sending me off to read/do something else. Are you saying that it is not worth leaving Facebook unless i leave civilization completely? Or are you offering this as a resource for people who are interested in completely dropping out, which i am not?

      Also, after my painful experience in one of those “official self-help programs,” i am a bit more leery of those things… Plus, dropping out seems more self-indulgent than a method to change the system, which is what i am interested in…

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