This page links to a couple of older pages with my thoughts on Buddhism. I wanted to bring them together to streamline my page collection.

Please note that i wrote the linked pages in early 2008. My views on Buddhism have changed and thus my words from back then might not necessarily reflect what i am thinking now. However, so much work and time went into the discussions in the comments, i want to leave these pages up, so that others may benefit from them. (October 7, 2012).

Teachers who have influenced my changing view on Buddhism include Stephen Batchelor and David Loy, who both suggest that some of the things I critique are probably not part of the teachings of the Buddha, Rita Gross, who is very critical of how women are treated within Buddhism, again pointing out that it is inconsistent with the Buddha’s teaching, and Dipa Ma, who showed that women can become enlightened.

My thoughts in early 2008 are reflected in these pages:

Please feel free to read and comment on those pages, though, again, please keep in mind that I no longer necessarily agree with everything I wrote back then… As the Buddha taught: Things change, including (especially?) our beliefs!