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  1. Amen…..wouldn’t it be nice if we could all laugh at the sarcasm and satire, as in tv jokes about politics that get us chuckling and smiling at the horrors our leaders perpetuate, (with our fear-indifference to support them,)……but then do what the satirists and artists all mean for us to do: get up,organize and act to take care of the situation and make the change??

    something, it must be fear and overwhelm, but also isolation, stops us, or has us postponing what we know must be done…….when i read the news, that’s all i see…….i keep saying: we’ve known this for so long….why have we waited till the 12th hour?…..and i see the folks around me fervent in their dogmas about God saving the righteous, which, of course is ”us”…..whoever that is……

    • YES! I’ve been pondering for a while now what keeps us stuck and how we can break through the stuckness… I think it’s a combination of psychological factors and the was our culture is structured. We’re not taught to be flexible, to embrace change.

  2. ….but, to leave some light in the tunnel….the utter illogic that humans used to get into this mess leaves more of it open to suddenly turn things around…….unexpectedly… the fall of the soviet power and its crony satelites….

    maybe another basic element we’ve neglected is knowing how tiny our human influence is on our universe, bottom line, despite the mess we’re making of this planet’s surface…..and how many unknowns we still face on this globe…..we actually know little of its secrets and powers…….

    dont laugh, but i read a theory that we are in reality, actually a VIRTUAL WORLD programmed (in some war-game) on some nerd’s computer somewhere………have u heard that one?

    • That sounds like something from the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” that postulates that we’re all part of a huge experiment by mice (and they’re rather appalled that we can’t get it together and thus are working feverishly on a replacement earth to try again…).

      Maybe these stories reflect our deep seated belief that “everything will turn out alright in the end”… It’s all just a dream (or nightmare) and we’ll wake up out of it soon and everything will be all wonderful and rosy…

      It seems to me, though, that such stories detract from the harsh reality that we’re screwing up our living environment royally and if we don’t change on a large scale, there’s not much hope for the survival of the human species (and we’ll drag down many others, as we are already doing). It’s not some malicious programmer somewhere doing this. It’s us: every single one of us shares in the responsibility (and some of us more than others…).

  3. …now that i expressed my utter pain via sarcasm (apologies for that, too)….i can tackle some aspect of this greatest of human tragedies…..violence against women (let me add, children, to be accurate in my expression)….

    i see a deep, primal connection of this topic to the LUST for POWER which i believe is another side of the coin of FEAR, ISOLATION, and SHAME ……the basic ingredients in our human culture we call civilization.

    i so so agree that solving one helps the other…..but the magnitude of it all is overbearing…….thus the sarcasm, escapism and despair…….

    tall order to work on, the best part being seeing the connections between these ……… not to underplay any one of them

    • Yes, that is what is so overwhelming: This system seems so securely in place even understanding how it works (or maybe especially understanding how it works) does not change it. It is not clear at all how we can topple it – or even if we can. Sometimes i think that this is all just going to run its course – and the human species will become extinct because we just couldn’t get it together to solve the problems that are killing us. I see a direct connection also between violence against women and children, those who are perceived as weaker, and the environment. After all that is “mother nature” – a woman – who is being raped and abused…

  4. …..what a strange breed we human ‘monkeys’ are…….we love sex, so we taboo it……..we hate violence, so we worship it and put all our talents to enhancing, professionalizing, and perfecting it into decorated mass armies…..

    ….excuse my sarcasm……

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