The Ugly Face of Patriarchy — 9 Comments

  1. I think George, like so many other poor saps, is just struggling to face a world in which most women are starting to “get” it and are speaking up about it and forming solidarity with one another and don’t really care to engage with idiot guys anymore. He uses the guise of just trying to present an “argument.” Guess what? We don’t care. Shut up, George.

  2. by the way. you write “signing away the lives of women..”.
    as a matter of fact, on average, women get the majority of welfare AND pension funds. more than they contributed to them (on average).
    so, statistically speaking, if trump creates more work and government investment – then there would be MORE funds streaming into social welfare and pension, which benefits mostly women.
    ESPECIALLY women of color.
    I really don’t get all this hate. no facts, no numbers, no arguments. only hate…

    • Oh, my! Looks like I hit a nerve! I guess I better get used to it as I am learning to no longer take sh*t from people, especially men (whether cis or not).

      • Sorry, no nerves were offended during the making of this comment 🙂

        I follow your blog for some time.
        I tried to get an honest, informative discussion going, no flames or name calling. but you seem to resent the simple fact that someone is genuinely interested in what you say.
        Too bad. I’ll get my “shit”, as you call it, someplace else..

        I really don’t understand how you plan to “fight and make a difference”, when you won’t even talk with people whose opinions you might wish to change.
        If you met a non-abusive man who cares about what you say, would you recognize it?
        Sadly, I think not, And that’s a big loss.

        I wish you all the best and good luck on your path.

        • And when all else fails, you resort to an ad hominem attack. Thanks for visiting, George! Enjoy trying to pick fights on other blogs!

  3. Rachel, this is simply incorrect.
    That picture you posted is either cropped or shot from a different angle.
    There are high ranking women working with trump.
    Don’t fall for click-baity headlines one liners.

    Here, look at the same photo, from a different angle.×720.jpg

    Do research, check the facts, measure objective benchmarks: crime rate, women’s % in work force. You’ll find that women can be as violent,racist and intolerant as the men you point at.
    The party doesn’t matter. Most people demonstrating on either side know very little of the facts.

    • The picture has the exact same angle (contrary to your claim), so you’re already loosing credibility there, so I won’t even bother responding to the rest of your mansplaining.

      • So, the angle is more important than the fact that women are present by trump’s side?
        That’s not much of an argument..
        If I told you I’m a transgender, would you still call ‘mansplaining’?
        You might want to rethink your notions of prejudice and stereotyping, because it sure looks like blind, irrational hate.

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