The Real Update — 2 Comments

  1. A suggestion: why not incorporate this search into the program of the workshops you offer? Maybe a beginning of developing true collaboration can be a goal there.

    After all, most people are on the same search you describe, even if it mostly has been repressed, or even denied. They may just welcome the invitation to work begin to collaborate in your course, on these universal issues…….

  2. I’ve been pondering this recently, too. It keeps on leading me to the earliest human societies, who seem to have been the closest to the form of tribal collaboration you describe. Those tribes were independent from any global society, though with full interdependence within the tribe. Within those ‘globally isolated’ tribes, the members do everything together and for the benefit of the whole closely knit group.

    Yet, that eventually evolved into what we have today: pretty much its total opposite: a global community of ‘strangers’, broken families, abolished tribes, and obsession with total control of all…….or war and destruction.

    I ask myself why the more humane social structure of long ago was abandoned for what we suffer in now? The answer is very difficult and complex, yet it seems like a basic drive pushing human evolution was survival in harsh natural conditions.

    That’s a sad possibility to deal with, maybe saying that we are not the uniquely adaptable species we thought we were; instead, we’re driven by fear more than love and communion. (Maybe that’s what sparked domineering religions to develop, too…)

    In short, it seems like one of those unanswerable questions, too complex to resolve by us as humans. Maybe, just as past circumstances seem to have driven us to where we are now, future environments will drive us back to more natural living in upcoming generations.

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