The Passion Myth — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for this really insightful post, I think what you say makes a lot of sense. I haven’t found my “passion” in life either …

  2. oh, dear, this brings up a lot of ‘stuff’ for me…../like, in our still dominantly patriarchal culture, male-type strengths are still stressed, such as the male brain tendency to focus more intensely on one or few issues at a time, differing from female brain function which spreads itself over more issues at once…….logic has it that neither way is ‘better’, but the balance of the two ways needs to become much more prominent and respected than it is now……..

    • Wow! Thanks for pointing this out, Shula! I hadn’t even made the connection between “lack of focus” and patriarchal values… It reminded me of an experiment that seem to indicate that girl’s brains can multitask more easily than boy’s brains – at least in terms of being able to cook a meal using multiple pots (I think that’s what they did in the experiment… It’s been a while since I watched it…)

  3. reading this blog has inspired this analysis: in a civilization that has lost the greatest passion of all -THE ART OF LIVING TRULY – we are left to find some artificial and limiting VOCATION instead…..and our very humanity gets distorted in that sad process !!

    • And what I find saddest of all is that this is even infiltrating “alternative” approaches, which after just a bit of scratching turn out to not be that alternative after all because they still rest on the main premise of our civilization: There is only one right way to live. (This myth, btw, is something that Daniel Quinn exposes in his books).

  4. ah, yes, and how frightening and awkward the concept of CHANGE is in our culture……and how hard to take in the reality that there are many many more questions than answers in our real world.
    ……and how endless contradictions keep haunting our thoughts because we have been duped with fossillized belief-systems that insist there is ONE TRUTH, ONE GOD-(male, of course), and ONE RIGHT WAY TO BE…………whew, so many sacred cows imposing rediculous burdens on our relationships.

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