The Darker Side of Couplemania — 1 Comment

  1. You’re better off staying single. I went out with lots of guys who were either typical emotional abusers or mummy’s boys. Mummy’s boys will put you in a pedestal, insist on buying you flowers and meals (even if you tell them you just want to be friends lol) but it’s still abuse. Basically they are buying you. They don’t care about your just wanting to be friends. They think so little of your needs and wants that they expect you to be exactly what they want you to be. They think they are entitled to your ‘love’ regain what you want. It doesn’t matter to them that you seriously just want a friend. Then when you are getting sick of the nonsense and tell them again that you don’t want the romantic crap, they ghost you. They can’t take any criticism either lol. None of these guys will ever actually care about you. Very few will. You’re better off with a dog! ?

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