Telling Friends and Family about Choosing to be Single — 6 Comments

  1. I highly recommend Here Comes the Bride by Jaclyn Geller to anyone who is considering marriage as an option. It’s one of those books that makes you rethink convention and tradition… It’s also giving me some ideas about going through a more elaborate ceremony. I am not sure yet if I’ll do it but we’ll see.

    In any rate, we can self-commit and commit to others but I no longer think that marriage is the way to go. Of course, it’s easy to dismiss marriage theoretically. It does come with oodles of benefits & privileges, so I might rethink the whole thing. I am pretty certain, though, that I don’t want a big, white wedding, so I wouldn’t have to worry about friends & family to give twice…

  2. You’re my hero, Rachel! 🙂 A single friend of mine and I have toyed with the idea of the self-commitment ceremony for years now! I truly thought we were the only ones!

    At 30, I think neither of us is quite ready to forsake the possibility of marriage, so we keep postponing our respective ceremonies. I know it’s possible to self-commit AND get married, but I imagined the self-commitment as a more elaborate affair comparable to an actual wedding (here’s my blog post about it), so I don’t want to make friends and family go through all that twice if I’m going to end up getting married anyway! Although, come to think of it, isn’t that what people do when they remarry for the second, third, or even fourth time? 😀

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really admire you for setting a precedent here!

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  4. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for sharing! This is excellent. It takes a lot of guts to have a “commitment ceremony” to oneself, and it takes wonderful people to take part.


  5. I totally agree Rachel – and I know that there are others who think like you.

    Years and years ago – I think maybe around 2000 – 2001, a lady was in the news because she actually had a marriage ceremony and married HERSELF. At the time I googled her etc and there was information online.

    You might also like this article about a woman happily single etc…….

    😉 😉

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