Taming our Singlism Dragons — 5 Comments

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  4. I’m bookmarking this post in the “health” section of my bookmarks.

    You’re right, “Calling these thoughts dragons helps create enough distance to analyze them more carefully”.

    “I am incomplete as a single person.” We benefit from discussing dragons such as these in our blogs; by deconstructing the myths behind them we strengthen our intellectual reaction to these thoughts/statements, gradually smothering the emotional reaction.

    “We might have done something bad (or self-defeating), yet this does not make us a bad person.” I am too eager to ascribe the label “bad person” to someone who has *acted* bad, as opposed to *being* bad. It’s a bad habit of mine (no pun intended). Getting angry at the foibles of others really only raises our own blood pressure–I *know* that, but yet, I still find myself clenching my fists and mumbling, “*^^@)!..))”

    “Happiness requires work on our part, not a cure-all partner”–this is interesting, because think of how often we are told that “good relationships are work”. It’s more accepted to “work” at being happy if you are working in a coupled relationship, than if you are working at being happy as a single person.

    –CC at Onely

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