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  2. thanks for this blog. i find the topic so vital, basic, yet challenging, that i could not write down or present it clearly, as much as i would try.
    i’m impressed with your interpretation of the sign in the courthouse to the jury. i would fall for their propaganda and think: ‘how urgent it is that i do my service well, since the system needs me to work!’ it makes me see just how well i was trained to obey and swallow that simplistic thinking.

    ….it saddens me deeply to see how powerful the psychological hold of our corrupt system is on many or most of us.

    i would have liked to read more, and was sorry to reach the end of this post…..and, again, my awe of its importance makes me feel tongue-tied or unable to say much that seems of consequence to continue the discussion……

    again, thanks for bringing it up and clarifying so much of it…….

    • Thanks, Shira! Yes, it’s pretty sad how much we’re indoctrinated by the system… That’s part of its self-maintenance function… And of course, it wouldn’t happen if we’d cooperate/collaborate less.

      What would you have liked to read more about? If you have questions or inklings, maybe i can explore those in future posts… After all, i intend this to be just the beginning of my musing on this subject…

      • THANKS…your last sentence in the blog seems to want more ….details and clarification…: how can interplay of inner and outer shifts counteract the fear?
        it’s just a bit abstract to follow an image…..
        in my mind, fear seems to be hiding deeply in every obstacle to healing, and how could anything but a flood of unending, unconditional love everywhere heal the ‘fear cancer’ ?

        • That actually is exactly what i am talking about: A change in culture that helps us heal our inner wounds. I didn’t add more detail because i’ve written about this elsewhere, though i could’ve linked to that!

          To clarify this in this context: The outer shifts would be things that dismantle the external enforces, for example, police officers stop “doing their job.” The inner shifts dismantle the internal enforcers, for example, police officers believing that it is their job to oppress the rest of us, that they aren’t good enough police officers unless they enforce this oppression. An example that would tie the two together: Police officers stop doing their job because they trust that they will be taken care of when they get fired because they refuse to oppress. They’d get taken care of by others who have stepped out of the system.

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