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  1. Although not specifically for survivors, here’s something that just fluttered into my email inbox: An email from on how to stay resilient:

    Meeting these difficult times head on will take creativity and courage by the gigaton — which is why I want to share some lessons with you to strengthen ourselves for the work ahead. You can read the full article (compiled by our dear 350 colleague Daniel Hunter) and sign up to receive occasional tips at These are some simple things you can do right away:

    1. Make a conscious decision about when and where you’ll get news — and what you’ll do afterwards.
    2. Get together with people face-to-face to support each other and make sure we stay in motion.
    3. Pray, meditate, or reflect on those you know who are being impacted by oppressive policies, and extend that love to all who may be suffering.
    4. Read, listen to, or share a story about how others have resisted injustice.
    5. Be aware of yourself as one who creates — to counteract passivity and a belief that we do not help shape the world.
    6. Take a conscious break from social media.
    7. Commit to sharing with others what’s helping you.

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