Stonewall and Pride — 2 Comments

  1. I have the same problem… It’s very frustrating. I worked at a phone bank before the November election to stop Prop 8 but now I get irritated when people ask me – on the street to get my signature for something – if I support equality. Yes, I support equality but I want it for everybody, not just couples!

  2. Every time someone brings up gay marriage, my mind immediately leaps to this. I don’t want to see more people getting special privileges. I want to see everyone getting the same privileges or none at all! I find it very hard to explain this to others, though, because they immediately slap a label of homophobia on me, which isn’t accurate. Inevitably, someone says, “But you believe in marriage!” And it’s frustrating to try to make them understand that my belief in long-term social commitment is not the same as a belief in rewarding that commitment with financial and legal perks.

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