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  1. (con)…
    one reason i see the fear-shame monster as basic to our problem is: secure, well-balanced living creatures creatures, esp. well-nurtured infants, are driven by CURIOSITY more than fear, and attraction to change is a main force in development, mental and physical……don’t you think?

    • Yes, and the fear is driven by our need to belong: When we move beyond the status quo, we are terrified that we no longer belong to the group. That is why this fear comes together with shame, the belief that we are not worthy of love and belonging.

      So, evolutionarily, we could say that the status quo bias developed to ensure that we continue to be part of the group. So, the challenge is to create environments where that fear is minimized – or counteracted by curiosity – because we feel secure enough in our connections to know that they’ll be there even when we challenge the status quo. Of course such an environment moves itself beyond the status quo of a world where we mistake fitting in with belonging… Thus, it boils down again to growing community that can hold us while we’re healing and growing while we support the community…

  2. i’ve thought about that recently, too, especially when i increasingly speak to folks aware of the realness of the need for change. the feeling they all convey most is FEAR, followed by a sort-of-shame of being so afraid to risk. so, to me ‘status quo bias’ is another manifestation of those big monsters: fear and shame

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