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  1. Of course, there’s nothing wrong about being single. By single, I hope, what’s meant is “un-married”, or in “not-permanent” relationship. Neither is there anything wrong with coupling. Coupling happening as a result of natural forces (sexual attraction) has certain purpose and is perfectly alright. Coupling happening as a social outcome is a problematic thing, and that makes it “wrong”. Impositions like “faithfulness”, “life-long commitment” etc which invariably come with “marriage” make marriage un-natural, thus, wrong.

    However, being single is not a rule that has to be followed. If one really understands what “marriage” is and why being single is a better way and all that, only then one should follow it. Understanding automatically brings contentment (happiness, if we may call it so). UNDERSTANDING is the only way. As it is, neither being single, nor being married is a “sin”, as long as one’s content with the state.

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