This part of the blog is designed to stimulate discussion about choosing being single as a lifestyle, whether temporary or permanent. It is also a place where we can share our stories of why we have chosen to be single, including our battle-scars and doubts. I hope that we can give each other encouragement and support in those times of doubt.

It is also a site that will look at research that has been done by and about single people. Not the kind of research that tells us that we can only be happy if we get married but the kind of research that shows us how we can be happy no matter what and debunks the notion that marriage is required for happiness.

In her book “With or Without a Man,” Karen Gail Lewis proposes a new Life Stage Model:

The comprehensive model I propose reflects a life course with many twists and turns. The lifelines moves linearly from birth to childhood to adolescence to adulthood, where it splits into two equally viable paths. Some people move along the Single Adulthood path, while others move along the Married Adulthood path.

And of course, some of us move back and forth between the two paths.

When you have decided to stay on the Single Adulthood path – at least for a while – this part of my blog will come in handy. Hopefully, it will help you navigate that path, which, at times, can be a bit lonely.

So, please, check out these posts! To read more background on where I am coming from, please read My Story.

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