Single and Searching? — 2 Comments

  1. I disagree with you in women being “under attack,” as I think men are more under attack in this culture than any other group… but I do hate “matrimania,” and think it’s high time to jettison all the legal privileges that come with marriage.

    Nice blog!

    • I am not quite sure what “under attack” post you’re responding to (though see this list of 10 ways the Republicans are attacking women’s rights…). Either way, though, could you share some of the ways you feel men are under attack in this culture? I am not sure if that is where you are pointing to but i think that patriarchy is just as unhealthy for men as it is for women. We need to accept people as they are rather than trying to make us conform to stereotypes. Also, i agree with Iris Marion Young that there are layers of oppression and any attempts to claim that one group is more oppressed than another only serves the oppressors…

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