Silver Anniversary / Silbernes Jubiläum — 4 Comments

  1. see, it just happened again…..cut me off…..then i got a notice it was seen as a ‘duplicate comment’……, i hope this can be corrected, or explained.

    • Ough. Sorry to read you’re having trouble posting comments, Shira, especially since i enjoy reading them! I haven’t heard of this problem before nor have i encountered it when i leave comments. Very strange…

      There is no limit to the length of the comment and some people have left very long comments. So, i am not quite sure what the problem is about… Please let me know if it persists and i can try if i can trouble shoot it. And this comment that i am typing right now is longer than either of the first two that you left, so i don’t seem to be able to recreate the problem either unless it happens when you filled the box. Nope… I just filled the box and was just fine… So i don’t know… (I wrote a bit more than necessary to test this…)

  2. this is about a tech problem i’ve been encountering only here on this comment space….and it just happened again in the comment i just sent: typing the last sentence, i was continually forced to stop typing as the site kept jumping back to former lines and wouldn’t let me continue.

    it’s as if i was prevented from writing more, intentionally. is that what it is, to keep the length down? or is it a tech problem you didn’t request

  3. that is quite a list of challenges to have had to face alone and in a new country……..and, isn’t it amazing how deeply connected we feel toward our (formal, political?) country of origin?!
    i think it has something to do with our basic identity, biological, social, cultural……even though it’s really just symbol…….but symbols have so much power…..

    and to be actually (symbolically? technically?) rejected by ”them” does mean alot……it’s like being punished

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