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  1. Rachel

    I left the city about five years ago to live in a cabin by a river. I’ve never been too concerned with accumulating stuff. I spent a few years working in the woods living in a trailer for months at a time with only a cat for company. I’d see another person maybe once or twice a week. Nothing but a radio that got one (worthwhile) station. They were easily some of the best times in my life. A lot of personal growth. I’m in a cabin now, with power and, recently, the internet. I find myself craving a return to the trailer. Everything was so simple. I could hear myself so clearly. Nothing but the wind and the stars and the critters. And then, you pursue contentment, or happiness, or whatever you want to call it, with few distractions, few escapes. I’d sit for hours, then play some guitar, make some childish drawings, read. Never felt lonely like I did in the city.

    To change is to change. And often, I’ve found, to become more alone. Not many people are going to want to follow you where you’re going. Not necessarily a bad thing. Interesing to see where you will go, head-wise. Ever read Shop Class as Soulcraft.? Or seen the film Off the Map?

    • Thanks, Brent, for finding me here! I still remember the week without internet service – I was forced into it because I left my old place and didn’t have service at my new place. It was wonderful! Now I can’t seem to stay off… Maybe I should talk my ISP into cutting my service off every once in a while ;-).

      I’ll check out the film and maybe the book…

  2. This is a very very meaningful post Rachel. You totally stole my thoughts in the first paragraph. And I am happy about it. Also, you have very truly observed that we can not change one part of our life without changing the others!

    Nice blog it’s going to be, it seems. All the very best with the new venture. I am subscribed to, and linking to this blog, too! Cheers!

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