Reality Knocking — 1 Comment

  1. thanks for the painful honesty… speak for so many of us who can’t muster up the courage to put all this out in the open for others to see, risking endless criticism and tons of cheap advice. (the cheap advice would be the readers’ way of denying how much they, too, suffer from similar disillusionment).

    you are asking the big questions here, which aren’t kept on the family and community table to demand serious and cooperative joint handling, therefore they are not resolved culturally, communally and only rarely, individually.

    and the high emotional and physical risk-taking needed to keep experimenting is greatly magnified when lacking the collaboration and support of the many people and communities around you.

    i keep wondering if the REAL challenge we face is to keep asking the questions even when the answers seem unknown, invisible, or even non-existent.

    i bow deeply to your ongoing courage to remain honest.


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