Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome — 3 Comments

  1. You ask about what needs were being satisfied by cutting off parts of these people’s bodies while they were still alive and keeping them as trophies.

    That is quite simple. Pure sadism, a sexual high gained from this kind of disgraceful behaviour – this monster lives within all of us, covered by a thin veneer of civilization.

    You only have to look at how people change when they have someone at gun point or as a prisoner.

    The slave holders of the time had absolutely nothing to hold them back from doing whatever they liked to their captive slaves, and with that absolute impunity people will get darker and darker and darker, this is one of the shameful things about human beings, that all too often we delight in causing unspeakable pain and misery to others and get a high from so doing.

  2. Namaste, my friends!

    Like we brush away memories of a nightmare, my friends and I avoid getting in to such discussions, and turn to easier-to-digest topics……

    But, like the WWII holocaust and so many others in history, unless and untill they are faced and worked through fully from a fully human angle, we’ll likely be perpetuating these horrors, endlessly, with no way out.

    But then there’s the bottomless shame along with the guilt and self-loathing that I believe, is the core source of such cruelties and then their justifications and ‘white-washings’……..(‘launderings’?…..and many other descriptive explanations of what happens……)

    I want to describe my own emotional-visceral responses to this kind of information and rememebering, and I’ll have to find some relaxed time for that, soon.

    But for the moment my need is to join you both in some minimal kind of connection for support and comfort to find strength to stay on this self and humanity examination journey which is deeply frightening and easily disheartening.

    We need one another’s support to go down this painful road while preserving our sanity (personal or collective, or both), because, I believe the deep insanity that brought (and continues to bring) about human cruelty, is very powerful, and can only be taken on successfully with all -pervasive love and compassion……

    So, signing off for now to go on to some self care, I hope soon to be back here sharing my support for your venture into the ‘wilderness’ of truth and healing…..

    Love and appreciation,


  3. I totally agree with you about telling the complete truth concerning United States history. I believe this honesty about the brutality that occurred (and still occurs) in this country may debunk some of the blind patriotism we are currently experiencing. I feel a certain shame for being white even though my ancestors came from Europe early in the last century. They were fleeing because they were poor and oppressed by the ruling classes of those countries. But culturally, I am an American and that horrible part of American history is a part of me and I feel shame.

    When you mention needs, I began to wonder about the need for people to feel good about themselves. I think that there wasn’t much to feel good about in the white culture of early America. America was settled by people who couldn’t make it in their homelands. They were the outcasts of European society. They were either religious fanatics, greedy entrepreneurs, or criminals (the state of Georgia was a penal colony). These aren’t groups of people one would associate with good feelings toward themselves or others. Schandenfreude (taking pleasure in the pain of others) could be what happens when people are searching for a reason to feel good about themselves. It is a twisted concept but could explain the continuous atrocities in this world.

    We definitely need more acceptance and tolerance in our society and then maybe all people will feel better about themselves. I agree with you that being honest and bringing oppressors and their actions to the forefront is a step in the right direction.

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