Post Election Blues — 1 Comment

  1. I too have the post-election blues. I am glad that Maryland (the state I live in) has kept its democratic governor, but the county I live in went entirely tea party. The new tea party county commissioners are very pro-development and have said that they are going to repeal the development restrictions enacted by the previous commissioners. This of course means more roads, schools and other such services. I am really confused. I thought the tea partiers were against increased government spending!!!

    Why the backlash? I am not sure what the conservative tea partiers want. I asked a co-worker, who is an extreme conservative, what all the fuss was about. She blamed the poor economy on the Obama Administration. When I pointed out to her that he has only been in office a few years and that the US has been sliding downhill for the past 30 years, she had no comment.

    I am wondering if the system is so broken that nobody can fix it. I think that the teabaggers might realize this a few years down the road. But I am afraid that for the rest of us we need to keep a level head and try to make happen the items that you listed above. In the words of Betty Davis in “All About Eve,” “Fasten you seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

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