Here are links to my business (ad)ventures:

Your Life is a Garden
To transition fully into a life that is meaningful to me by doing work that heals rather than perpetuates the systemic problems we are facing, I have started a business. I guide others in designing their lives to embrace meaning and fulfillment while treading more lightly on our planet. This life design will incorporate ways to heal the cultural trauma that presents blocks to living the life we want. Please check it out at Your Life Is A Garden. I’d be thrilled if I could guide you!

I’ve also started a blog over there that brings you wisdom tidbits from my dancing and empowerment nuggets. Check them out!

RABe Consultancy
This is the umbrella that is holding my various income streams as they are emerging – from individual empowerment coaching via web design to data analysis. You can find out a bit more about my formal background there, too.