Open Letter to President Obama — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t even have the ‘stomach’ to be as ‘easy’ on him as you do. my overpowering need is to be harder on him, though, what can really help……..i haven’t a clue…..

    i’d be scolding him: ‘is THIS what you have to offer the people who believed in you? where are those true leadership abilities you showed us on your first campaign trail? it is sad to see you disintegrate into a mere puppet manipulated by the most decadent forces on the planet…….and literally becoming just another one of them.

    all your talents and efforts are going to waste… could have been another MLK, and spearheaded the true renewal of our culture to adapt to the changes toward a better future……

    you are leaving your people leaderless and discouraged to face the present and coming extreme suffering that is already spreading over the planet.

    you have taken the official lead in driving america down to destruction……and it will become identified for the future with your name and ‘legacy’

    sorry for you and for us all, mr. president…..

    (that’s what i’d really like to say…..but don’t have the courage to do…..)

    • Totally agree, Natalya! That’s one reason I sent this letter to Obama…

      Do you have any suggestions on what other actions we can take? (I am planning to write a post with some suggestions this weekend…)

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