On Being Broken — 1 Comment

  1. I too am broken. 20 years of marriage to a covert narcissist has left be broken. Despite knowing this I struggle to stay married to this toxic man. Because for all the horrible parts of him there are just as many that are good. He was stupid to have an affair when all he really needed was to put that much effort into our marriage. Through all of this discovery I have learned that he is broken as well and I most likely was somewhat broken when we met. It’s true that his “love” finished me off and I struggle to know which way to turn. I guess I say struggle, when I acknowledge changes must be made and the ones I “should” be making I can’t seem to embrace (get divorced, let go & move on).But in reality aren’t we all broken. Is it his (or mine) fault that neither were able to learn from example (parents) how to be? It is (sadly) what we leave are children with. Yes I am broken but what else to do but just dealwith it th3 best we can.

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