My Mind on Chronic Dis-Ease — 3 Comments

  1. Rachel – it’s been 10 days since you posted so I hope that your thyroid meds have started to kick in. It takes about 3 or 4 weeks I think to feel some benefit. I’m on them but because of my neurological problems.

    I’m extremely tired 100% of the day and all I can recommend is to PACE yourself so you don’t try to do too much while you have no energy. Plus one big thing is to “live in the moment”. If you’re feeling really bad one day (eg. overdoing it the day before) just do things within your lilmit and try to enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. So if you’re bad and you are just watching TV, try to actually enjoy it rather than feel bad that youi’d prefer to be doing XYZ etc etc. Know what I mean?

    If you want to discuss this more – hypothyroidism and anything else – just email me. You know my email address from the Footloose group.

    Hope you are slowly getting your energy back 🙂

    • Dear Yolanda: Thank you SO much for checking in with me! Yes, my thyroid seems to have stabilized again – i’ll find out next week after my TSH gets check…

      And i’ve been learning a lot through this, especially pacing myself and living in the moment. Plus, i am enjoying napping 😉

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