Modern Disconnection — 2 Comments

  1. These are such wonderful posts. I enjoy your other blog as well. People do seem to be interacting with each other on such a superficial level. When I listen to other people’s conversations, they all talk about the same things, i.e., marriage, kids, work. There are so many other things going on in this world, yet I feel like if I bring up these controversial events in a discussion with an acquaintance, I would be shunned.

    I also feel that people need to learn how to be friends again. I don’t think many people are happy living in this isolated way. Most people seem to go about their day angry and stressed. I know from my own experience that a person needs close connections outside of her/his marriage.

    Please continue writing about your transition.

    • Thank you, Paula, for your insights and encouragement! I think you’re absolutely right that our anger and stress is – at least in part – a reflection of our isolation – from ourselves and others.

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