Matrimania price-tag — 5 Comments

  1. Just imagine how much good that money could’ve done for AIDS victims in Africa or starving kids in India or homeless people right here in the States. All wasted on rose bouquets and butter cream.

  2. For what it’s worth, it’s not just weddings. There is a commercialization of many different aspects of love, giving, family & traditions – weddings, greeting card industry (which is huge), Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc. I am Canadian but I was in Hawaii during the 4th of July and the commercial machine was in full swing! Take pride in the U.S. and spend money on fireworks! I think you raise a litigimate argument about grotesque spending, I’m just saying that it’s not only about being single, it’s about the marketing machine pushing cosumerism on us virtually all the time. There is a huge pressure put on us to conform on these issues.

  3. Jaclyn Geller talks about this a lot in her book Here Comes the Bride. The wedding industry seems to suggest that we have to have these elaborate weddings to show our individuality. Here we are walking down the most traveled path, desperately trying to pretend that this is our individual choice. I guess financing a contradiction is pricey!

  4. Hmmmm….I think I remember something about how Disney ruined weddings for young girls (The show Ally McBeal). Becoming married, entering that relationship, should be celebrated and recognized. And yet, as like so many things, we put so much of “what does this say about me?” into the affair. I think a LOT of what we spend money on is meant to stamp our identities…too bad, because it is our actions, not our possessions that show us who we are.

  5. I love finding out the disgusting amounts of money people spend on stupid stuff. Oh my gosh. Did I just call a wedding stupid? Gosh. How rude of me. I mean, its a really important day. The most important day of the bride’s life. Of course the cost of a small country should be spent on it.

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