Marriage – An Evil Institution? — 5 Comments

  1. I completely agree with your (and Card’s) assessment that marriage is evil, and for all of the same reasons that you mentioned. However, I feel that the abuse and slavery components do not apply to just women. Men are equally as likely as women to be the victim. Contemporary American society displays a disgusting and hypocritical acceptance of the abuse and exploitation of males, clearly visible in movies, on television, in books, and every other form of media. But to answer your question, yes, I do feel that patriarchy would go away for the most part. It would, thankfully, also take matriarchy away with it. I do not point this out to be combative in any fashion, but merely to indicate that there is support for the basic principle you presented on the other side of the gender divide as well.

    Marriage is an institution of inequality, and thus is inherently evil. From a human rights perspective it is an abomination that allows one person to control and take advantage of another.

  2. Marriage is evil for at least 50% of people and 50% of time for most people.
    It curtails human rights of individuals, imposes unbearable burden on them
    It cause excessive consumption of world resources and leads to greed in humans
    The wrong side of the institution of marriage need to be studied further

  3. Thank you, April & Paula, for your comments! They are especially welcome since I’ve spent too much time in the last few days arguing with a guy who claimed that patriarchy no longer exists. My first response: You must be living on a different planet!

  4. I think that abolishing marriage is a step in the right direction toward decreasing the effects of patriarchy. I do have to agree with April’s statement that patriarchy seems to be everywhere. I feel it is important to constantly question the arbitrary demands that society is constantly forcing on people. Men complain that they are “tricked” into marriage, but they still keep getting married. Maybe they need to question the institution of marriage too.

  5. While I’d love to believe it, I don’t think so. If marriage were the only form of patriarchy, then maybe, but it exists everywhere and in everything. Especially religion, which isn’t going away anytime soon.

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