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  1. Yes! marriage is a commercial, business contract……and yes, you’re ‘selling’ your independence and so often your integrity, too, when you sign that ‘deal’! That ‘terrific bargain’ created by our monotheistic religion joining forces with political power to keep control over our personal lives and our offspring’s .

    they conveniently ‘packaged’ it in ‘sanctity’ and ‘romance’, creating one of the greatest illusion-delusions of this whole civilization.

    It’s making top headlines worldwide……and that seems to be touching on this same topic you have, rachel..

    i’ll try to get you an impressive article on this in today’s Tikkun magazine blog.

  2. I agree. Marriage is a legal contract with the government with both rights and obligations. For example, when I was married, I was responsible for my partner’s debts. And if my partner fudged on our tax return, I would be responsible for that as well. I have no interest in being married or having those obligations again.

    I see the ruling as basically saying that gay people are like everyone else and therefore should have the same rights. That’s a good thing.

    As a single person, I prefer to pick my rights and obligations. I can use legal structures like power of attorney, a will, and other legal documents to create the rights I would like to have without incurring the obligations I don’t want to have. It’s a little more work, that’s true, but probably not much more work or money than the average wedding!

    And yes, the loss of the voting rights act is awful. Write your congressman. They have the ability to keep these rights law.

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