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  1. Rachel

    I did a LOT of soul searching about 10 years ago after my cancer & brain injury diagnosis – it stopped me working, even living on my own (I’m living with mum ….. had to move back) it got me infertile ……

    I was wondering about my life purpose since I was stuck at home and had little contact with others.

    I did a lot of research online in the reputable medical journals and – just quickly here – i found

    – the happiest people have a purpose to their live
    – the happiest people were passionate about something – felt very strongly type of passionate.

    I’m passionate about 2 things in my life – I’m a collector of smiley faces but most importantly I’m also a passionate supporter of legalisation of voluntary euthanasia ….. and I decided that I’d be really happy if I made that – my passion about legalilsation of V E – my purpose in life.

    Ever since I made that connection and decision I’ve had no doubts about this type of thing and it has made me much happier and more content in that area. (hard to explain – hope you know)

    You know me online and have my email address – why don’t you email me privately mention this post and other comments and we can discuss it via email ….. you might get some other ideas.

    Know what I mean?

    Give it a try …… you’ve got nothing to lose 🙂

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