Inner Rebellion — 2 Comments

  1. this strikes a chord to me which describes a problem of our whole culture, maybe the other side of the deep personal issue you describe here.

    ever since the replacement of the intimate tribal setting of human life with larger, impersonal hierachies of power, isolation became our way of life broken mostly by additionally unnatural ‘remedies’ such as marriage and military focus.

    this resulted in extremes of behavior such as introversion and extroversion, and the suffering they create. neither of these 2 extremes allows for true intimacy, thus the suffering you so clearly describe in your personal life which reflects the whole cultural trauma-tragedy we now live with.

    • Thank you, Shira, for making the connection to the culture at large! That connection is very important to me – and in this case i hadn’t seen it as clearly as you point it out. I love the idea of seeing marriage as a remedy! It totally is: The couple or at best the nuclear family is supposed to replace the tribe. No wonder marriages are falling apart so frequently with that burden to carrying… That’s the dark side of couplemania: The remedy doesn’t work!

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