Inner and Outer Dissonance — 4 Comments

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  2. Totally understand where you are coming from.
    When perusing OKCupid for new platonic friends to share hobbies with (my old friends are married and have other interests now) there was this one person who had an interesting profile.

    She said she worked for the universe and that coworkers and customers were no longer opposed.

    She seemed to be free but said she still had a problem with want.

    Your poem reminded me of that ad. And it does seem strange to always criticize the system in which you were born and the conveniences it offers without knowing how to give it up and live differently.

  3. oh, YES !! how clearly this summarizes the deepest angst and frustration of modern humanity……instead of knowing how to balance the 2 opposites….we moderns, progressives, liberals, humanists, are pretty much all in this quandary !! i believe all drug use comes from that source of struggle…..with no support to heal such a widespread and painful rift in our hearts, we’ve developed the worst responses and lost our way toward the deep ……..

    …the deep connection of human hearts, souls and minds to the only place this can heal truly !
    …interesting that even with all the great teachers, guides, priests, saints and compassionate volunteers-for-listening…..none, not one has rallied us to gatherings of true, effective and large scale, broad-based healing…

    …just watched super guru, ram dass, at 73, speak to enthralled audience…still, it’s only each of us taking this kind of journey inward, persisting to face it, that’s where our only hope dwells….i believe….
    your sharing this makes me feel less alone with my own similar pain and needs….

    • Interesting comment, Shira! I wonder what this large scale, broad-based healing gathering could look like? You mean something more akin to community-building, i mean real community, not the pseudo, temporary kind of retreats?

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