Independence and Freedom — 4 Comments

  1. And the irony is, as Roger Housden pointed out in his book, as Americans our standard of living isn’t that much better than say the French’s. We don’t get a lot more money for the long hours and the little vacation time – we do get a lot worse health…

  2. What an excellent post! I completely agree. What amazes me is that more people don’t. I just don’t understand why so many Americans don’t seem to want what’s best for them. Is it fear that it can’t work? A greedy desire to make it to the top themselves and crush others? Or is it just a lack of understanding of how economic systems work? A lot of Americans are brainwashed from birth about what America should be and blindly accept that laissez-faire capitalism is practically ordained by a higher power.

  3. “Freedom is free from the need to be free….” Funkadelic

    Could not possibly agree more with the content of this honest and insightful article. Thank you for being brave enough to tell the truth…Truth always tends to set you free….
    Good luck to you on your journey…

    In support,

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