Indepence, Freedom, and Interdependence — 2 Comments

  1. I found your website while posing the question, Is freedom without a safety, truly freedom? I hope that you are still reading and posting on this site. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you are a Liberal. I’m also going to guess you are young lady. Your proposal of needing a safety net in order to be free is the fallacy of socialism. You must understand that a dependance on a safety net is exactly what confiscates your liberties. You surely have heard the saying Freedom isn’t free in a different context but you need to see it from a different perspective. You will be liable to the people that provide the safety net or it will be pulled out from under you. As you explain about PERSONAL freedom, you have to be who you are in order to be free. I applaud that point of view when it comes to your PERSONAL life, as long as your being free does not hurt any one physically or does not cost anyone else. Also your personal freedom should not be imposed on anyone else, especially minors.

    Let me tell you how I see freedom ought to work. What we need is, firstly to get the government out of our lives as much as possible. As a grownup I know what is best for me. I don’t need a group politicians called “the government”, to figure out what is best for ME! Secondly, I should not pay excessive taxes to provide a safety net for others, me and my family included. As I am responsible for myself, so too should everyone else. If I fail in my endeavors to educate myself, provide for myself, protect myself, and provide health protection for myself, then the only person who should suffer the consequences is ME. Personal responsibility needs to go hand in hand with freedom. When free people corrupt their freedom and trade it for the security of a safety net, they may as well be handcuffed and enslaved.

    Thank you for letting me comment, and I do hope to hear back from you.

  2. Rachel – while reading your post I was trying to think laterally and seeing what would and wouldn’t apply to what you were saying, and am wondering about this sentence……… you said

    ” To me freedom means to be encouraged in going down the new and narrow path, to create new ways of living without being told that this is wrong or undoable but rather by being supported with the basics, like a livable wage and health care.”

    What about polygamy? (I know in some states it’s legal, but in many it’s probably illegal….. it’s illegal in Australia).

    Is there a limit to creating ways without being told whwat is wrong? That’s if polygamy is even considered wrong. Who am I to say that it’s wrong? Just because I think it might be, doesn’t mean it is………

    It’s interesting …….

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